Supporting Articles

Classroom Management Supporting Articles

First Month

Day 1: Welcoming Students With a Smile
Day 5: How To Keep The Noise Level During Independent…
Day 9: Effective Transitions, Classroom Management
Day 13: 5 Effective Classroom Management Strategies That…
Day 17: Six Classroom Management Tips Every Teacher Can…
Day 2: Meeting and Greeting Students at the Beginning…
Day 6: The Secret To Perfect Transitions In 5 Simple Steps
Day 10: 20 Classroom Management Strategies And…
Day 14: 7 Classroom Management Techniques That Really…
Day 18: Effective Classroom Management Strategies…
Day 3: Response: A Warm-Up ‘Mindset’ Helps Students…
Day 7: Making Transitions Work for Students and Teachers
Day 11: 11 Research-Based Classroom Management…
Day 15: Classroom Management Strategies & Techniques
Day 19: Are You Blaming Difficult Students For Poor…
Day 4: Response: A Warm-Up ‘Mindset’ Helps Students…
Day 8: Classroom Transitions: 6 Ideas And Strategies…
Day 12: The Key to Effective Classroom Management
Day 16: 19 Big and Small Classroom Management Strategies
Day 20: 8 Classroom Management Strategies for the New

Instructional Strategies Supporting Articles

Second Month

Day 1: How Syllabus Is Important For Students To Be…
Day 5: Building On The Best, Learning From What Works…
Day 9: Two (or More) Heads Are Better Than One
Day 13: 27 Simple Ways To Check For Understanding
Day 17: The 4 Common Characteristics of Personalized…

Day 2: The Do Now: A Primer
Day 6: Keeping Students Engaged With Mini Lessons
Day 10: Developing Independent Learning Skills That…
Day 14: The Many Uses of Exit Slips
Day 18: The Importane Of Feedback In Student Learning
Day 3: Why Learning Objectives Are So Important
Day 7: Simple Tips To Utilize Scaffolding In Education
Day 11: 5 Benefits of Classroom Discussions
Day 15: Designing Effective Discussion Questions
Day 19: Creating Classroom Opportunities for Meaningful…
Day 4: Why Student Modelling Is So Important
Day 8: Active Learning
Day 12: Active Learning: Teaching Guide
Day 16: What’s the Right Amount of Homework?
Day 20: Researchers Find That Frequent Tests Can Boost Learning

Third Month

Day 1: Why Is Assessment Important?
Day 5: Meaning and Types of Assessment
Day 9: Interviews
Day 13: Preparing Effective Essay Questions
Day 17: Student Portfolios As An Assessment Tool
Day 2: Understanding By Design
Day 6: Authentic Assessment
Day 10: Presentations
Day 14: 20 Types Of Learning Journals That Help Students…
Day 18: Snapshots Of Understanding? 10 Smart Tools…
Day 3: Understanding By Design
Day 7: How Essential Questions Drive Purposeful Learning
Day 11: How to Use Multimedia Presentations in the…
Day 15: Taking Notes: Strategies for Different Grade Levels
Day 19: Using Rubrics
Day 4: 6 Types Of Assessment Of Learning
Day 8: Why We Still Need Quizzes In eLearning
Day 12: Implementing Posters In The Classroom
Day 16: Group Assessment
Day 20: Rubrics

Fourth Month

Day 1: What I Wish I Knew Before Becoming a Virtual Teacher
Day 5: Importance of Planning
Day 9: Effective communication in your online class
Day 13: The Importance of Simplicity, Clarity, and Priority
Day 17: What Online Teachers Have Learned From Teaching Online
Day 2: 10 Ways To Help Anxious Students With Elearning
Day 6: 4 Educational Technologies to Get You Teaching Online NOW
Day 10: Being “Present” in Your Online Course
Day 14: How A Simple Checklist Can Improve Learning
Day 18: Best Practices for Teaching Online
Day 3: Empathy – How To Put Yourself In Their Shoes
Day 7: 7 Ways to Use Your LMS Effectively
Day 11: Clarity in an Online Course as an Extension of Onsite Practice
Day 15: Teachers find many obstacles as they try to keep kids learning amid coronavirus
Day 19: Active Learning in an Online Course
Day 4: 5 Time Management Tips for Teachers
Day 8: How To Use Your LMS To Engage Learners
Day 12: How to use worked examples in the classroom
Day 20: Streamline Instruction Across Modalities

Fifth Month

Day 1: Prioritizing Self-Care While Working From Home
Day 5: What is Differentiated Instruction? Examples of How to Differentiate…
Day 9: Do My Grades Really Matter?
Day 13: Inclusive Teaching and Learning Online
Day 17: How does the extensive use of computers affect our health?
Day 2: Characteristics of Effective Online Assignments
Day 6: The 6 Online Research Skills Your Students Need
Day 10: 5 Research-Based Tips for Providing Students with Meaningful Feedback
Day 14: Are Assessment Exemplars Perceived to Support Self-Regulated…
Day 18: How to Prevent Kids from Cheating in Your Online Course
Day 3: Research-Tested Benefits of Breaks
Day 7: Preventing Plagiarism when Writing
Day 11: Design & Teach a Course
Day 15: Open Educational Resources (OER): Resource Roundup
Day 19: Why we need group work in Online Learning
Day 4: The importance of questioning
Day 8: ‘It shouldn’t take a pandemic’: Coronavirus exposes Internet …
Day 12: A Guide to Giving Clear Instructions to Students
Day 16: Chunking Information for Instructional Design
Day 20:Ten Best Practices for Teaching Online

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