Supporting Videos

Classroom Management Supporting Videos

First Month

Day 1: The Benefits of Welcoming Students Daily
Day 5: The 5 Second Solution for a Talkative Class
Day 9: Teach Like a Champion Technique 30
Day 13: Classroom Management – Challenging Students…
Day 17: 5 Classroom Management Strategies: High School
Day 2: Watch 2nd Grade Teacher Encourage Students Every…
Day 6: Hello Hello How are you ? – Warm Up Tips for your…
Day 10: Classroom Management Strategies: My Best Secret…
Day 14: 10 Everyday Classroom Management Tips For…
Day 18: Classroom Management Techniques for Any Grade
Day 3: How to greet your students | Teaching Tip
Day 7: How to teach your class to line up (KIPP)
Day 11: Classroom Management Styles: What’s Your Style?
Day 15: TEYL – Classroom Management Tips
Day 19: What can we do with disruptive children?
Day 4: How to Calm Young Children Down in Minutes
Day 8: Transitions in SDC: Switching Activities Efficiently…
Day 12: 5 Tips on Classroom Management
Day 16: Kindergarten Classroom Management Tips For…
Day 20: Behavior Expectations for Middle School Classrooms

Instructional Strategies Supporting Videos

Second Month

Day 1: The Importance Of A Syllabus
Day 5: Explicit Instructions
Day 9: Teaching Group Work: Building Student…
Day 13: Checking for Student Understanding: Classroom…
Day 17: Differentiating Instruction: It’s Not as Hard as You…
Day 2: First Five Minutes/Last Five Minutes: Management…
Day 6: 4 Steps to an Effective Mini-Lesson
Day 10: Developing Independent Learners: Guiding…
Day 14: Exit Tickets: Checking for Understanding
Day 18: The Importance of Feedback
Day 3: Why Do We Need Learning Objectives
Day 7: Scaffolding For Student Success
Day 11: Strategies for Student Centered Discussion
Day 15: Teacher uses questioning techniques to engage…
Day 19: Problem Solving Groupwork Activities in the…

Day 4: Working with a Science Partner
Day 8: Active Learning: How Professors Should Teach
Day 12: What is Active Learning?
Day 16: Homework Or No Homework? What Educators Are…
Day 20: Review Games Students LOVE | Elementary…

Third Month

Day 1: Assessment in Education: Top 14 Examples
Day 5: Formative vs. Summative vs. Diagnostic Assessment
Day 9: 60-Second Strategy: Interview Assessments
Day 13: Why We Write Essays
Day 17: Portfolios as Assessment

Day 2: Backwards Design: A great way to move forward!
Day 6: Authentic Assessment: Examples & Overview

Day 10: Evaluating Oral Presentations
Day 14: Class Learning Journals
Day 18: Exit Tickets With Google Forms Explained
Day 3: High School Science Teacher Vlog #2 | Curriculum…
Day 7: Essential Questions
Day 11: Collaborative Digital Presentations Enrich Projects
Day 15: How to Teach Note-Taking in Fifth Grade
Day 19: Rubrics for Assessment

Day 4: Criterion vs Norm Referenced Assessment…
Day 8: Benefits of online quizzes
Day 12: Poster Presentations — Classroom Workshop
Day 16: Collaborative Learning Builds Deeper…

Day 20: Tips for Creating Rubrics

Fourth Month

Day 1: Colorado teachers work to make online lesson plans after schools close
Day 5: Teaching Tip: Designing Online Lectures and Recorded Presentations
Day 9: How Online Learning Works: Online Communication
Day 13: Integrating online resources into your teaching
Day 17: How to use Zoom for Remote and Online learning

Day 2: Parents open up about the struggles of homeschooling their children l GMA
Day 6: 8 Lessons Learned from Teaching Online

Day 10: Strategies: Interacting with online students
Day 14: Organization Is Critical in an Online Classroom
Day 18: As schools transition to online learning, teachers work to make connections…
Day 3: The Extraordinary Teaching Project: Engaging Students Online
Day 7: What is An LMS?
Day 11: Planning your online class
Day 15: The Digital Divide In Education
Day 19: Designing Online Learning

Day 4: Managing your time when teaching online
Day 8: How to Create Digital Assignments for Google Classroom
Day 12: The Teachers’ Room: Top tips for giving instructions
Day 16: Choosing a Background for Your Videos

Day 20: Reflecting on Teaching: Self Evaluation

Fifth Month

Day 1: Learn to shine bright- the importance of self care for teachers.
Day 5: 7 BEST Websites and Apps for Distance Learning
Day 9: Why Perfect Grades Don’t Matter
Day 13: The Inclusion Classroom: An Inclusive Education Movement
Day 18: How To Make Sure Online Students Don’t Cheat

Day 2: Why teachers teach but kids don’t learn
Day 6: Writing Videos for Kids: How to Evaluate Sources for Reliability

Day 10: Effective feedback animation
Day 14: Instrucción Diferenciada: Más Fácil De Lo Que Parece
Day 17: Brain Breaks – What are they and why are they important for learning?
Day 3: Maintain Control During Mini-Lessons
Day 7: Citing Sources: Why & How to Do It
Day 11: Google Classroom: Creating Assignments
Day 15: Best FREE Web Tool for Teachers!
Day 19: Online teamwork and collaboration

Day 4: Overcoming Fear of Asking Questions
Day 8: Why Technology Can’t Fix Education
Day 12: CELTA. 9 tips on giving clear instructions in the classroom with examples
Day 16: Fragmentando Lecciones Para Incrementar Retención

Day 20: Top Tips for Online Teaching and Learning

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